These Dangerous World Circumstances and the Prohost Portfolio

The circumstances that we find the world in today are abnormal. They are extremely intense and dangerous.

We are living  an unprecedented, unexpected and inexplicable  war in Europe, which nobody seems to know how it would end up. 

When it comes to the  Market, the degree of chaos, mysteries and destruction have far exceeded our ability to fairly evaluate our selected  biotech picked firms.

We are NOT stock market gamblers.

As long as we cannot read Putin’s mind, the Western European countries’ leaders’ minds or that of the NATO alliance, we will not be able to make the fair evaluations we need to make for our selected biotech firms. 

Indeed, we  cannot be ready, willing and able to make fair assessments to our portfolio until we know better what this horrible catastrophe is really about, how durable it could be, and when it is expected to disappear. 

Our selected firms, we believe have solid scientific fundamentals and great managements. We are impatiently and hopefully waiting for the war and its devastation to leave the world quickly and peacefully with no further bloodshed.

This is the only way that enables us to find out our firms fair values.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

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