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  • Impacting News ~ a secured column posted only when there is important, impacting news that may change the course of the biotechnology industry.
  • Trick or Trade ~ a secured column where you can find the ProhostBiotech essay series titled, “An Evaluation of Biotech Firms”.
  • Today’s Highlights ~ a secured column posted a few times a week that usually discusses a firm in the news, with scientific explanations of their current trials, drugs and drug therapies.
  • Prohost Portfolio PLUS ~ secured, downloadable content in pdf format which contains archived Week in Review posts and the Prohost Portfolio.
  • Prohost Letter ~ a secured, downloadable, sometimes monthly, article in pdf format with in-depth discussions about newsworthy companies and their sciences. It too contains the Prohost Portfolio which includes 7 categorized tables of our stock picks with prices and targets.

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