Biotech Stocks Expected to Outperform in Today’s Tumbling Market

Gilead and Moderna Stocks Will Outperform Today

As stated in Prohost Letter #439 Gilead (GILD) investigational product remdesivir has offered hope towards treating infected people with COVID-19. Regarding the possibility of rapidly designing, creating and developing a preventive vaccine against COVID-19 Moderna Therapeutics (MRNA) seems to have accomplished this task.

That’s why we were confident that Gilead’s and Moderna’s stocks will outperform today in a tumbling market unreasonably caused by the COVID-19 bad news.

Because Gilead’s product remdesivir is a treatment for people already infected with the coronavirus, we believe that Gilead stock benefit the most from today’s stocks’ trading. Moderna’s stock is expected to come second after Gilead’s stock as this firm could protect healthy people against COVID-19.

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