Cassava Statement Regarding Plasma p-tau Analysis from a Previously Disclosed Phase 2b Study in Alzheimer’s Patients

Cassava Sciences Released a Statement 

Cassava Sciences, Inc. (SAVA) – a biotechnology company focused on Alzheimer’s disease, today released a statement regarding plasma p-tau analysis from a previously disclosed randomized, controlled Phase 2b clinical study in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. For this study, Cassava Sciences contracted with Quanterix Corp., a highly regarded, independent laboratory, to perform sample testing on blinded samples.

The Phase 2b clinical study was conducted by Cassava Sciences. Quanterix’ sole responsibility with regard to this clinical study was to perform sample testing, specifically, to measure levels of p-tau in plasma samples collected from study subjects.

From Remi Barbier

“To ensure data integrity, it is standard industry practice to keep separate the people who generate the data from the people who analyze the data,” said Remi Barbier, President & CEO. “That certainly was the case here. Anything different is a distortion of the facts.”

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