Amgen and AstraZeneca have in hand a very much needed Asthma drug

In the Week in Review posted yesterday on our website that is experiencing several attempts on its life, we wrote about some firms, including Amgen. In the Amgen’s article we tried to let the reader recognize the importance of Amgen’s (AMGN) asthma product tezepelumab and how it differs from all other asthma drugs on the market, including the conventional tablets, inhalers and infusions.

The Novel product  belongs to both Amgen and AstraZeneca (AZN), both companies are picked by Prohost. Both companies announced the news, stating that the FDA has granted breakthrough therapy designation for their novel product tezepelumab in patients with severe asthma who are without an eosinophilic phenotype.

Resuls: Fezepelumab: Phase 2b PATHWAY trial data demonstrate that fezepelumab has caused a significant reduction in the annual asthma exacerbation rate compared with placebo. The trial was conducted on a broad population of severe asthma patients independent of baseline blood eosinophil count or other type 2 (T2) inflammatory biomarkers.

Currently available biologic products target only T2 driven inflammation, which is a big difference from Amgen’s drug tezepelumab, which, blocks thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) – an upstream modulator of multiple inflammatory pathways.

This reachability that does not exist in any of the currently approved drugs.

Prohost Observations

The tezepelumab Phase 2b PATHWAY trial data infer that:

– Amgen’s investigational product tezepelumab is bringing a novel therapeutic option to a broad population of patients with severe asthma.

– The beneficiaries include asthmatic patients who are ineligible for the currently approved biologic therapies.

– The tezepelumab’s mode of action is what enables it to do the job on a larger population of asthmatic patients,

The Breakthrough Designation granted by the United States FDA is more than an award to celebrate, but offers Amgen the opportunity to work closely with the FDA so they can bring tezepelumab to asthma patients as quickly as possible.

The market is huge.

The stock rallied yesterday. Some investors will take profit, others will cry for the missed opportunity and the third group, which we belong to, will not touch AMGN until it reaches our 2019 target, which appears in the Prohost Portfolio posted at the end of each Prohost Letter and Week in Review issues.

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