Agenus Good News: Balstilimab Monotherapy Data Published in Gynecologic Oncology

Agenus Good News for Balstilimab Monotherapy

Agenus (AGEN) announced that results from a global Phase 2 clinical study of balstilimab monotherapy in recurrent/metastatic cervical cancer were published online in the international peer-reviewed journal Gynecologic Oncology.

From the CMO of Agenus

Steven O’Day, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Agenus, said, “Publication of these data marks another significant achievement toward our objective to provide effective therapeutic options to those battling cancer. These data are drawn from the largest Phase 2 study to date evaluating PD-1 inhibition in advanced cervical cancer patients who have progressed on or after first-line chemotherapy; the results indicate balstilimab’s potential as an effective new therapy.”

In the 140 evaluable patients:

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