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Discovering The Root Causes of Diseases

Prohost Letter #457 Discovering The Root Causes of Diseases   Biotech firms with solid scientific fundamentals are racing towards unveiling the root-causes of various diseases that have yet to be completely unveiled. Knowing the root causes of diseases enabled some of the clinical-stage firms and the revenues-generating firms to bring into the clinic novel advanced treatments. Improving the treatments of severe untreatable diseases depends on …

What’s Going on with Gene Therapy?

Recent Gene Therapy News On August 20, 2020 Audentes Therapeutics, which was taken over by Astellas (ALPMY) for over $3 billion, announced that a third patient has passed away in a clinical trial evaluating its gene therapy product AT132 for the treatment of the life-threatening neuromuscular X-linked Myotubular Myopathy (XLMTM). The neuromuscular disease is . . . This content is for paid subscribers. Please click here …

The Time Has Come for This Small Biotech Firm to Grow and Thrive

CytomX Therapeutics CytomX (CTMX) is a clinical-stage oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company developing a novel class of investigational antibody therapeutics based on the firm’s Probody® technology platform for cancer treatments. CytomX’s Probody therapeutics remain inactive until they are activated by proteases in the tumor microenvironment.   Why This is Important By . . . This content is for paid subscribers. Please click here to subscribe or here to log in.
The ASCO 2019 Special Edition

The ASCO 2019 Special Edition

Prohost Letter #432 The ASCO 2019 Special Edition SPRAYING FEAR The Victims Are The most disturbed victim of the instigated and irrelevant fear against investing in the stock market is the market itself. Indeed, baseless fear campaigns frighten positive investors while encouraging short-selling investors to maximize their selling which intensifies the markets volatility. We have been experiencing this phenomenon since the beginning of 2019. Market …