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Your Questions, Our Answers

Prohost Portfolio PLUS (formerly The Week in Review) Your Questions, Our Answers In the upcoming issues of Prohost Portfolio PLUS, as with all our Tables, we will include observations and target changes as well as any current news we feel is important enough to be reviewed and/or discussed. We hope you will visit us weekly for updates. Included in this Issue are the Following: Anixa …

A Flashback and Future Projections

Prohost Letter #445 A Flashback and Future Projections 1. A Follow-Up on Recently Posted News from ProhostBiotech 2. Answering Questions 3. Development-Stage Firms to Outperform 4. Oversold Revenue-Generating Firms 5. Tables with FAIR 2021 Targets for the Prohost Selected Firms In This Issue We Discuss the Following Firms: Anixa Biosciences (

Anixa Biosciences: Why This Firm Outperformed Today

Anixa Biosciences Outperformance Anixa Biosciences Inc (ANIX) is the worldwide licensee of a patent technology titled "Ovarian Cancer Vaccine" which was created at Cleveland Clinic. Anixa Therapeutics specializes in the treatment and prevention of cancer and infectious diseases. The firm made the announcement about the European Patent Office’s issuance and publication . . . This content is for paid subscribers. Please click here to subscribe or …