A New COVID-19 Vaccine is Showing Successful Results. See Also: More Details About the Effective COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

Pfizer’s (PFE)/BioNTech’s (BNTX) and Moderna’s (MRNA) COVID-19 vaccines have demonstrated safety at around 95% efficacy.  

AstraZeneca (AZN) and Oxford University announced today that their COVID-19 vaccine was 90% effective in preventing infections. The efficacy average, however, was 70%, leading the stock to travel south rather than north.    

Regardless of the efficacy differences AstraZeneca stated that it would immediately prepare for regulatory submission of data for the approval of its vaccine. The analysts are encouraged by the COVID-19 vaccines’ results for all three vaccines.

Promising and encouraging news about the AstraZeneca vaccine is that the vaccine can be stored above zero degrees Celsius making it easier to distribute than the other vaccines.

There is no doubt that the news about the COVID-19 vaccines is exciting and we can predict that the war of science against COVID-19 is considered won and will soon defeat the virus that has paralyzed the world for nearly a year.   

In addition to the vaccines, we now have two treatments approved by the FDA: one is the REGEN-COV2 cocktail created and developed by Regeneron (REGN) and the other is the Remdesivir treatment created and developed by Gilead Sciences (GILD).  

More About the COVID-19 Vaccine

  • Warp Speed Chief Advisor, Dr. Monsef Slaoui, said that they are making sure the vaccines becomes available as quickly as possible and distributed as efficiently as possible, regardless of the political context that surrounds them.
  • Moderna plans to apply for an emergency use authorization (EUA) as the vaccine has proven 94.5% effective.
  • Once the EUA is approved, many doses will be dispersed across the country within 24 hours.
  • The vaccines will be located in the areas requested by each state. No vaccine will be moved before it is granted the EUA. 
  • Each department of health will determine where the vaccine will be held and, with the help of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a decision will be made as to who is vaccinated first. 
  • The vaccines will most likely first go to healthcare workers, front-line workers, very high-risk people and the elderly.
  • Following the granted EUA, people will be immunized across the United States in the areas indicated by the State-department.
  • The expected dates are the 11th or 12th of December 2020  

Prohost Observations 

The speed in the development of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines was made possible through the biotechnology revolution and the use of novel technologies and products.

As usual, misunderstanding the impact of novelties in improving the treatment of severe diseases, the value in the creation of the messenger RNA (mRNA) and of using them to create a coronavirus vaccine, was underestimated. This underestimation misled many people into believing that “new” products usually fail. They didn’t.   

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