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Circumstances That Encourage Picking Specific Biotech Stocks

  Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Picking biotech stocks for short-term and long-term investment could be a good practice if investors know what to pick. In most cases, picking biotech stocks that have no near-term catalysts could be disappointing, leading investors to wait and wait, then get bored, and sell their shares at a great loss. To pick firms in early- or mid-phase development the firms should have very advanced technologies and product pipelines with strong evidence of promise that they are the envy of rich pharmaceutical firms. The large-pocketed drug developers usually desire what they need and buy what they desire. Most are currently in dire need of breakthrough products, as the patent lives of many of their bestsellers are expiring. Investors must be aware of the fact that stocks of development-stage firms’ are destined to fall after each and every quarterly financial results announcement, as they have no revenues or incomes. They also fall after shareholders get disappointed in the negative performances of their stocks, hence, trash them. Compensation can come early, however, in the event of takeovers, alliances that pay huge upfront payments, or the announcement of stunningly positive clinical trial results of products that deal with life-threatening diseases with large markets. Focused investors may be able to catch big fish in situations exemplified by the following three circumstances: More...

Dendreon: Going to the bottom of mysterious story

  Tuesday, January 03, 2012

We keep reading daily tails about Dendreon (DNDN), Human Genome (HGSI) and other firms granted FDA approvals for therapeutics, which had disappointing sales. Bullish and bearish analysts are filling the media with articles explaining the reasons for the sluggish sales of Dendreon’s drug Provenge and Human Genome’s drug Benlysta after investors have already lost their money. Predicting the drugs’ poor sales before they hit the market was no dilemma, as the barriers to successful launch were palpable. Both bullish and bearish analysts preferred not to reveal ongoing obstacles to satisfactory market penetration; the bullish were enjoying the rally and had no interest in halting it, and the short-selling analysts and their followers welcomed bubbling of stocks, so they would hit the jackpot if and when the bubbles burst. Investors’ disappointment wouldn’t have been as deep, resulting in a huge selloff of the stocks if they had done their due diligence towards developing realistic expectations. Instead, they interpreted analysts’ silence as a sign that the revenues being generated from the drugs’ sales would certainly meet the analysts’ and the firms’ projections. They didn’t. Why? That’s what investors needed to know. More...

Dendreon’s Debate

  Thursday, September 15, 2011

For temporary negative circumstances that do not weigh against an FDA declining approval of a new drug, Dendreon’s (DNDN) stock plummeted as much as it would have if the FDA had denied it a drug approval. It was an irrational sell-off, kind of investors’ anger or vengeance against Dendreon, or someone in it. Since then, a debate started over Dendreon’s whereabouts, including its therapeutic vaccine Provenge’s efficacy and life-extending possibilities. The debate never stopped. Its temperature continued to rise, causing serious investors’ malaise and a subsequent stock malaise. The endless debate has affianced many people, including science writers, biotechnology analysts, critics, daily traders, biotech fans and both positive and negative investors. Getting confused rather than informed, a number of Prohost followers asked us to engage in the debate, or at least give an opinion over what this or that angry fellow might be suggesting. More...

Gilead, Dendreon, Seattle Genetics And Great News For CLL Patients. Who Confused Investors?

  Friday, August 12, 2011

It was crazy. During the market’s dive, Gilead’s (GILD) stock was oversold. The stock experienced a selloff after having been snubbed for years never mind it has contributed to turning a killer virus into a tamed manageable disease, or that its revenues and incomes have exceeded Wall Street exaggerated expectations.      More...

DENDREON: Are Great Expectations Gone with The Wind?

  Wednesday, August 10, 2011

But first, let us remember what we wrote in yesterday’s article related to the market’s situation. We read:  “The question is, when would big funds and institutions, sitting on billions of dollars decide that time has come to buy at the price of sand what’s much more important than gold? When would they decide to upgrade what should be upgraded and downgrade what deserves a downgrade in case any stock remained overvalued? Is this not what puts the market back on its tracks, so it could resume its function? Are there any stocks that analysts feel that they might have bottomed during the stocks’ slaughtering?” More...

The Odds are Up For The approval Of Incyte's (INCY) Melofibrosis Drug

  Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We will not lose our breath running after all the news posted about the biotech industry. We will restrict our selection to the most significant announcements. While there is good news about biotech firms’ breakthroughs, it is lost amid the mass of articles announcing or assessing the firms’ finances, routine events, meetings and plans (that may or may not come to pass), in addition to results from very early-phase trials that mean very little at their stage. The excessive amount of news has become confusing, especially that many are not mere news, but opinionated articles that contradict each other’s opinions with, or without relevance.  More...

DENDREON (DNDN): Lessons from History

  Friday, April 30, 2010

Are we lovers of redundancy? No. We are lovers of fairness and the lack of it cannot be visualized unless what goes on wrong gets caught and documented by history. Dendreon’s (DNDN) history, as written in the Prohost news on Prohost website, illustrates how unfair has been Wall Street evaluation to clinical-stage firms during the past decade and how tremendous were the opportunities investors have let escape from hand by relying on misleading evaluations.If you Search Dendreon on Prohost website and start to read the articles from bottom up, you will read: More...

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